Dream 10.23.20

The Dream

The Discussion

So freaking wild. I get so amped when these things happen, its hard for me to come up with words fast enough. Even the correct words are seemingly far from where they should be.

These instances have been increasing. Within the past month they are happening at least (sometimes more) once a week.

I’m very conscious about keeping low nowadays but I have to share some things to connect with the others; not an easy thing for me.

Rising Universal Shadow Body – Energetic Synthesis

Energetic Synthesis covers all aspects of The Ascension or Great Shift, psychic self defense, ascension symptoms, and energy healing. Lisa Renee is a Spiritual Scientist and Quantum Therapist. She is one of the most impactful and insightful educators of the truth about our Planet’s Ascension Cycle and its physical effects on our bodies, minds and spirits.
— Read on energeticsynthesis.com/resource-tools/blog-timeline-shift/3651-rising-universal-shadow-body

ARCHONS, OVERLORDS & MAGICK: ‘Consciousness Transport’, Lisa Renee on Remote Viewing

Source – energeticsynthesis.com – “…It is possible to experience Consciousness Transport activities that include Remote Viewing and sensing a variety…

ARCHONS, OVERLORDS & MAGICK: ‘Consciousness Transport’, Lisa Renee on Remote Viewing
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